The pros and cons of using Cat cages

The pros and cons of using Cat cages

 Cat cages are a popular choice for many shelters and animal rescue facilities around the world. These convenient and inexpensive enclosures are an ideal way to keep potentially aggressive cats from harming other animals as well as handlers.

 However, when used in a domestic setting cat cages can have both positive and negative effects on a cat’s behaviour and health. Below are just some of the pros and cons of using cat cages for in-home pets.

Pros of using cat cages

 Cats are kept out of harms way: Even the cleanest and tidiest of houses can pose hidden hazards from curious kitties. By using cat cages an owner can leave feeling comfortable and can rest assured their precious pet is safe.

 Can reduce stress and anxiety: Though most cats are natural born explorers, some rescued or abandoned cats can feel overwhelmed and anxious when given too much space. Cat cages may help to make a post-trauma transition a little less stressful.

 Can help with behavioural problems: Aggressive cats love to have their own space and can be temperamental if approached too often. Cat cages can help by giving rowdy types a place to feel alone and happily isolated.

 Cons of using cat cages enclosure

 Cats can become anti-social or aggressive: For healthy cats, being put into a cage can trigger a series of emotional changes. Some friendly cats, may become accustomed to their solitude and when let out can choose to be aggressive towards their owners and other animals. In cases such as these, cats should only be put into their cat cages for short amounts of time.

 Small space may equal obesity and lack of exercise: Daily exercise and movement are noticeably less when using cat cages but are an essential step towards a long and healthy life. Limited movement can lead to the most serious of all health issues of all; obesity. And as a result can cause related illnesses such as allergies, joint pain or even heart disease.

 Cages can be hazardous for high energy cats or kittens: When considering the use of cat cages it is important to consider the attitude and personality of each individual cat. Young cats and kittens have a lot of pent up energy to burn, and when they try to play, run and climb inside a cage, potential injuries can ensue.

 Bonding may be made difficult: Cats, unlike dogs are solitary and independent animals, therefore it can take a lot of time and attention for a bond to build between cat and owner. This process may be made even longer when the owners choose to use cat cages.

Cat cages are not only good for your cat 

Cat cages are becoming common these days as many cat owners are seeing the importance of giving their cats a chance to roam the outdoors without letting explore beyond the safe confines of the property line. Cats are born to roam around and navigate narrow walkways. They love to crawl, jump and find a way to get from point A to point B.

 The cage built for your cat outdoors (preferably with its own access to the house) will be the best way to make sure that the cat will not get bored and have a lazy life inside your house. This can make him happier and contented –a sure way to make him a very good pet and companion 24/7.

Cat cages can be a DIY project by cat owners because it is very easy to do. Doing it yourself will also enable you to design it from scratch and perfectly fit it right into your home. This will give the cat a chance to naturally maximize the indoor and outdoor space with very smooth transitions. If you are not a DIY person there are also many cages that are designed and made by professionals.

 You can easily look over online brochures of these builders and choose from a wide array of designs. There are some cage construction guides and kits available also for you if you do not want to start from scratch with your cat’s very own outdoor abode.

Ideally these cages must be very comfortable to the cat. He can choose to sleep in this outdoor space and also have a free choice to get inside when it gets too cold. If you do not have any plans to neuter your cat a cage can effectively contain him when he is at the right age and season. This can also house the litter box making your house free of the smell of cat’s poop and urine.

Cat cages are not only good for your cat but it is also good for your relationship with each other. The outdoor space gives you the outlet and the avenue to just enjoy the beauty of the big wide world. To you it may just be your backyard, but for your cat, it is his universe.