Cleaning cat urine

Cleaning cat urine

 Cleaning cat urine has to be one of the most disliked chores. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can be very difficult. You must use the right technique and the right product.

 People consider their dog or cat to be an integral part of the family. With the joy of having a pet also comes a great deal of responsibility which can include cleaning cat urine and dog urine.

 Most cats don't need to be litter trained. Kittens have a natural sense to use the litter box when they are small. You simply need to show them where it is and they'll make use of it. It's best to place it in an area that it can stay in. Moving the litter box from room to room can be very confusing for the animal.

 A thing to know about a kitten that is if it's younger than 7 weeks old he or she may not know how to uses a litter box.

 Accidents do happen and when they do it's important to be careful when you are cleaning. The urine has a particularly strong horrible odor and if it's not cleaned successfully the animal can keep returning to the spot and urinate there in the future or carpet.

Products for Eliminating Cat Urine

 Getting urine out of a carpet is something you need to do with care. A lot of times the cat urine smell will come right back so you need to get this right the first time.

 There are several products available for cleaning pet stains. One is bleach water; you mix 50% bleach and 50% water. Be aware that bleach may take the color out of certain materials so you may want to keep the bleach for white or light surfaces.

 Just a little mixture of peroxide and water may do the trick of cleaning cat urine stains.

 Believe it or not, several pet owners have attested to the fact that spray window cleaners can help. Spray the solution on the area to be cleaned then blot the entire spot with tissue or towels.

 If the stain has already dried, dilute it with water. Then apply a specialized pet stain and odor removing bacteria and/or enzyme cleaner. You'll want to finish off the carpet by shampooing the spot. Then rinse with warm water and hope for the best.

 Some other products for cleaning cat urine are found at your local pet supply store. They vary in price depending on the surface you are cleaning. A product to clean a leather sofa will generally be more expensive than a solution geared towards cleaning carpets.


 When you are purchasing a product for cleaning cat urine take note of all the ingredients. If the product contains ammonia it's not sensible to use it. The reason is that cat urine smells very alike to ammonia. After cleaning cat urine with ammonia or a solution containing ammonia you may still have a problem with the cat returning to the area to urinate again.

 If you are cleaning cat urine out of a carpet, it's not a great idea to rub the area with the cleaning spray. This actually works to push the urine farther into the carpeting fibers. Instead of rubbing it's a good idea to first take some paper towel and blot the area until a lot of the moisture has been removed.

 If you find yourself cleaning cat urine on a regular basis the problem may lie in how clean you are keeping the litter box. Cats are very clean animals. They don't like relieving themselves in a litter box that is dirty. Therefore it's very important to cleaning out of the litter box as well.

 After the cat has used the litter box, the litter forms into a clump which you can then easily remove with the scooper.

 If your cat is outside it might have a problem using a litter box because it has free will to go where it pleases. That's why some cats love to run outside when you open the door. They seem to like the grass and dirt for bathroom duty as well.