Cat health care

Cat health care

 If you are looking for ways to keep you furry friend healthy look no father, this article will tell you all you need to know about cat health. Cat health problems are a major concern for most families. Topics for keeping your pet in good health include vaccinations, allergies, how to make sure he isn't getting too fat, and to how to keep away from ear mites.

 Cat vaccinations

 First off let's talk about Vaccinations. You have to give your pet vaccinations if he hasn't had any. So if you are getting or have gotten a pet recently then you need to check if they have had their vaccinations. If they haven't you can call your vet and ask about them they will set you up an appointment and tell you everything you need to know about what is required.

 Your pets needs vaccinations for two reasons:

  •  To keep you and your family free from disease. One of the vaccinations will prevent rabies. If you have children you will want to be especially sure all of your pets have had their rabies shots. If any of your children happen to get rabies from an animal they will need to seek out a doctor immediately. It is quite a painful process so something you want to be sure to avoid.
  •  You can keep your cat safe and healthy from other diseases animals may carry if they are not protected with vaccine shots. Sometimes humans that come into contact with an unhealthy animal is likely to get the same disease. It's sure not worth the risk.

Cat Allergies

 One thing most people don't realize is that animals have allergies just like humans. This means they can have allergic reactions as well. Some ways to see if your animal is having an allergic reaction to something is to see if they are licking themselves a lot, or they have diarrhea, trouble breathing or swollen itchy skin. These are all signs of allergic reactions.

 The problem with allergic reactions is there is no real way to stop it from happening. However, you can aid your pet by keeping what they are allergic to out of their environment.

 There are four categories types of allergies:

  • Contact - happens when your cat comes into contact with something they are allergic to.
  • Food - when your cat eats something that it's body does not agree with.
  • Inhalant - when your cat breathes something in their environment that they are allergic to.
  • Fleas - this is one of the most irritating problems that a cat is plagued with. The poor things just scratches and scratches. We have found Advantage cat flea medicine to be the best solution. It's not the cheapest solution, but it is the quickest and easiest remedy for both pets and household.

 So keep your animal healthy by monitoring and watching for things that may disturb them. Then rid that from their environment.

 Keeping your pet in good health also requires that you not over feed him as this will make him fat. You may think that your cat can't be to fat, but in truth there are a lot of animals that have been over feed and can be considered unhealthy.

 The reason it's bad for any animal to be overweight is the same thing as us humans having extra weight to carry around and to content with. Extra weight or fat can do all kinds of bad things to your furry friend!

 Ways for good cat health is to keep your pet on a regular diet  to prevent fat build up. Only allow them eat what you have specified for their daily requirements. This will keep your cat agile and very happy. Though he may beg for food from time to time, it is okay to give them something special every once in a while as long as you don't overdo it. (keep portions small).

 Avoiding Ear Mites in cats

 Ear mites are another thing you might want to watch out for because they will make your pets very unhappy.

 You might be asking "what are ear mites?"

 The answer to that is that ear mites are little bugs that live in your animals ears and make their ears itch. It is very irritating for your cat and makes them very uncomfortable. This is extremely poor cat health and the problem needs to be taken care of right away.

Ways to get rid of these little pests are to go to your local vets office and you can get special ear mite treatment for them. Another easier way is to go to your local pet store and ask for ear mite medicine. They will give you something to clean out their ears and give you instructions on how to use it, or they may give you some other type of remedy. A home remedy we use is baby oil and Q-tip for removing the bugs. It seems to work very well.

 All of these things I have mentioned here in this article will help you keep your cat healthy! So my wish for you is a safe, happy and healthy cat. If you have any other concerns about your cats health you can always ask your vet as they are sure to give you good advice.

 Remember, good cat health requires to get your pets vaccinations, keep them free from fleas and ear mites, feed them a well balanced diet, and watch for allergic reactions. This will be the best way to ensure you keep your cat healthy.