All Breeds of Cats

All Breeds of Cats

 First off, "cats" encompass a large amount of information and I will supply you with some tips and ideas for all breeds as we progress.

 There are lots of breeds and they are all different. Yes, you know they look different, but do you know that the breed will determine there personality?

 The breed determines if they will be moody or tolerant, if they will be playful, if they are elegant or even if they really don't care how they look. Yes! The breed determines the traits a specific animal will have. However, cats do have a few traits that make them all alike such as I will share with you below.

All Breeds of Cats are Nocturnal

 So are you wondering why your cat sleeps all day?
Why do they do that?

Well cats are nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night, so they need to sleep during the day. More often than not, you will see them sleeping during the day, but if you see them at night they are most always awake. This is one of the traits that make them all alike.

 Which now brings me to my next topic...

 If they are awake at night then how do they see, being that it is dark? Well it's quite simple, they can see in the dark! They have what you would call night vision. How do you think they catch all those mice...?

 All Breeds of Cats Are Good Hunters

 Being nocturnal makes them excellent hunters. It gives them a major advantage to be able to see in the dark, because their prey most likely won't see them. They can sneak up on their prey to attack in a blink of an eye. Another reason why they are good hunters is due to the fact that they have excellent reflexes.

 For example, when you go to the doctor and they check your reflexes, they hit your leg with a mallet type object. Well if you were a cat and the doctors did that to you, you would probably move twice as fast. They can sneak up and spring at their prey very quickly and one reason is because of their fast reflexes.

 One other thing that makes them good hunters is that they can chase after a prey even if they go up a tree. They can climb extremely well. In fact, they love to prowl around in high places and are not afraid at all. So if they are chasing something such as a squirrel, and it runs up a tree, they are right after it.

 All Breeds of Cats Come in a Variety of Colors

 Cats come in many different colors. There are many different names for the color patterns such as tabby, which happens to be orange, grey or dark blue with black stripes.

 Tabby cats have an "M" shape on there forehead. You may not see this right away but if you look closely you will see the "M" on their forehead. Tabby is very mostly found in American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Maine Coon, Manx, and Norwegian Forest cat. One unique thing about Orange Tabby's is that the majority of them are found to be of the male gender. 99% of Orange Tabby's are of the male species. It is extremely rare to see a female Orange Tabby.

 Another type of coat is a Calico. Calico is a color pattern of splotches of black, orange tabby, black tabby, or just some of those, and the rest of there body is white. This is mostly found in female gender of American Shorthair, Cymric, and Turkish angora. The opposite is true for Calicos as mostly all of them are females. It is rare to see a Calico male.

 Another kind of print you may see is the point print. This print is a cat that is mostly a whiteish or cream color that has some gray in it, black on the face, ear tips, tail, and sometimes the paws. It has black on the points of the body. This is mostly found in, of course, Siamese, but also American Curl, Balinese, Birman, Himalayan, Ragmuffin, Ragdoll, and Snowshoe.

 Cats also have different colors of eyes, they can be green, yellowish, orangish, or blue. They can have a yellow rim that goes to green as it gets closer to the pupil. Sometimes you may even see one that has two different colored eyes. One may be blue while the other is orange, or one orange and the other green. There is nothing wrong with your cat, it's just a matter of genetics.

 Are All Breeds of Cats Good Pets?

 If they are good pets or not is a matter of opinion, and the environment they are going to live in.
If you want an inside pet that will keep you company, then yes, your cat will most likely be a good pet.

A cat will be a great pet as long as you treat and care for him adequately. Supplies that you might want include a scratching post, food, water, vitamins, play toys, spray water bottle, litter box, and a bed. If you are currently having problems with your cat then you may want to checkout solutions for cat behavior problems as well.

 The scratching post is extremely import to have so that your new kitten or cat doesn't tear up your furniture by sharpening their claws. You must teach them to use the scratching post as soon as possible.

 You can find simple toys that your they will love at any local pet store that sells pet supplies. Some toys that our cats enjoy the most are the feather wand and balls that roll on the floor and rattle.

 If you wish to keep your cat outside then they will probably not be as good a pet. You won't be able to see your animal as often as he may stray away from the home a considerable amount of time. The advantages of having an outside cat is that you will not need a scratching post or litter box. You may still want to provide some type of outside bed for them as they all like something soft to sleep in.

 If you are planning to keep your cat in part of the time and outside part of the time, then you may want a kitty door. That way you won't need the litter box or even the food dish inside. As long as they knows where their food, bed and supplies are they will be happy.

 You now should know more about cats and how they are alike, but also different. They may look somewhat alike at times, but have very different personalities. All breeds of cats have specific traits that makes them cats, such as they are nocturnal, can see in the dark, have fast reflexes, and are natural hunters. All are unique, loveable and make wonderful pets.