Simple Kitchen Cures for Common Cat Symptoms

Simple Kitchen Cures for Common Cat Symptoms

 We all want the best for our feline companions, and yet have trouble justifying a trip to the vet for minor cat symptoms.

 Natural Home Remedies for Cats

 Many cat owners turn to home remedies to cure their cat’s common ailments. It is however important to keep in mind that though the kitchen cures listed below may offer your cat some much needed relief they are not proven treatments. Also it is important to visit a veterinarian if any of the cat symptoms continue for more than a few days or become noticeably worse.

Cat Urinary Infection

 Bladder infections: Like humans, cats can fall victim to bladder infections and can experience discomfort due to the development of bladder crystals. These common infections can be treated by adding one or two teaspoons of orange or cranberry juice to a cat’s meals. The citrus juices will help to increase the urine’s acidity and will assist in dissolving bladder crystals.

 Constipation in Cats

 Constipation: When a cat is suffering from constipation it is important to offer a diet which is high in fibre to promote regularity. Try offering your uncomfortable kitty some bran cereal or even some canned pumpkin. Both are high in fibre and can help to loosen hardened stool.

 Cat Diarrhea

 Diarrhea: Cat, dog, horse or human all animals will experience a rapid depletion of essential fluids while struggling to overcome diarrhea. When trying to cure these common cat symptoms try making some small “Gatorade” ice cubes to place in your cat’s water dish. Sports drinks are developed to replenish the body’s essential minerals such as sodium and potassium and will help to keep your feline hydrated.

 Ear mites in cats

 Ear Mites: Even if your cat’s ear mites have been treated with medication, they can still cause a great deal of itching and irritation. To alleviate your cat’s discomfort combine some fresh garlic and some olive oil and place a few drops in each ear. This kitchen cure will not only smother any existing mites but also soothe your cat’s sensitive inner ear.

Cat Flatulence

Flatulence: Though gas is more commonly a problem in dogs than cats, some kitties do tend to be a bit windy following meals. To cure these unpleasant cat symptoms try treating your cat to some yogurt. Yogurt contains many digestion-friendly bacteria and can help to decrease feline flatulence.

Hot Spots and Pets

 Hot spots: Possibly the most common of all cat symptoms hot spots or pyotraumatic dermatitis can be caused by many things including fleas, insect bites or severe dandruff. If your cat has itched or licked themselves bare try dabbing the area with some cool, strongly brewed green tea. The tea is believed to speed healing and reduce skin irritation.