Be Free of Cat Fleas Forever! Here’s How

Be Free of Cat Fleas Forever! Here’s How

 Are you confused over what products to use to get rid of your pet’s fleas? Isn’t it time that you got those fleas OFF YOUR PETS and OUT OF YOUR HOME forever?

Cat fleas are easily one of the most frustrating parts of feline friendship. They can spread quickly when not treated and can show up in some very undesirable places such as in the carpet, on the furniture and worst of all in your bed!
The thought of being permanently flea-free is one that appeals to many cat owners, but is it possible? Well, the truth is giving fleas the brush off may be easier than anyone thinks!

 Here are some tips you can use to rid your pet and home of cat fleas

 Bath beginnings: When you first notice fleas on your cat it is important to bath them as soon as possible using a flea shampoo. However, it is vital to note that not all pet shampoos are created equal. When buying your flea products make sure to choose only cat-friendly shampoos, some dog flea treatments can be dangerous for cats. Also, if your kitty suffers from a water phobia consider using a dry shampoo which lathers without the need for water.

 Get with the program: One of the reasons why cat fleas are so hard to cure is because they can reproduce at a phenomenal rate. For example, one female flea can lay up to fifty eggs a day.

 Luckily there is a proven way to slow the cycle, namely medicated Insect Growth Regulators or IGRs. An IGR product such as “Program” targets the skeletal development of cat fleas and ensures that all new eggs die before reaching the larva stage.

 Don’t be spray shy: Another product which has been proven to put an end to fleas are spray products. Cat fleas in particular are extremely sensitive to sprays and by using the product regularly owners can not only rid their pets of eggs and larva but grown fleas as well.

 But consider this note of caution; when using a flea spray make sure to avoid your cat’s eyes, mouth and ears as some insecticides can be harmful to these sensitive areas.

 Powder power: Though most powders are not as effective as sprays they can be more convenient to use. To get the most from your flea powders, cover your cat’s fur completely and work the powder in towards their skin using your finger tips and a fine bristled brush.

 Go for a dip: If your cat fleas are persistent and still present after using the tips mentioned above you may need to visit your vet for a flea dip. Now, there are flea dip products available through pet retailers but they may not be safe or necessary for your cat. To be safe it is always best to have flea dip treatments done by a professional at your veterinarian clinic.


 Get rid of fleas – permanently – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.