Why cats make great pets

Why cats make great pets

 No one likes to be lonely. That is the reason why many people have pets. There are some pets that require more care than others. Dogs need to be trained, walked, and cared for; cats on the other hand require less maintenance. The saying goes that dogs have owners and cats have caretakers.

Cats make great pets

 Cats make great pets because they are independent. All a person has to do is show a cat where the litter box is once and they will go there every time. If a person works long hours they do not have to worry about when they cat will be let out. If the cat has food and water it will be fine. Cats are also able to amuse themselves.

They come to a person when they want attention and love. They do not have to be entertained every minute of the day. Cats walk around as they please. They do not have to be taken for walks on a leash in the snow or rain.

 Cats are not expensive to take care of either. A big bag of cat food will last a month of more. Cat supplies such as bowls and toys are inexpensive. Cats are generally healthy creatures and only need their yearly shots. They do not get most of the health conditions that other animals are at risk. Cats do not dig holes in the yard of bushes and they will not chew up the furniture. They can be fun to watch. A cat will rub up against their own when they want attention and will sit in their lap and purr.

 Cats make great pets for those that live in apartments of smaller homes. They do not need a lot of space to run. When a cat does go outside it will stick close by the house and will not run away. When looking for a companion that is low maintenance a cat is a perfect pet.

 Caring For Kittens Is Not As Hard As You Would Think

Caring for kittens is not as hard as you would think but it is also not a picnic as you have imagined it to be. It takes the right information and knowledge just to make sure that your cat will be taken care of and reared properly to adulthood.

 These furry animals are good pets. They are very loyal and affectionate and they have many idiosyncrasies that make them a very different “flavor” for a pet compared to having dogs around the house. If dogs are known to be playful cats are known for their very calculated movements and yes, curiosity. 

So how do go about caring for kittens?

 First is that you have to learn how to feed them. Cats usually need to stay with their mothers until 10 weeks. They can start eating solid food though at 4 weeks but would still need their mother’s milk once in a while. When they are ready to eat you can purchase canned foods or other forms of cat food for them to enjoy. Be sure to put some variations in their meals as they can get bored easily with food. That may become a big problem. It is best to give them dry food for them to eat all through the day if you are away from the house for work.

Give them a good place to sleep. In cold climates this can be very important. You can provide them with beds especially made for them or you can just spread some cardboard and a wool blanket in the floor. That can be enough for them. If you do not want your cats to share the bed with you have to be clear about this while it is still young. When you fail to instill this you might end up sharing your bed forever with them as they can really get easily comfortable sleeping with your cushioned mattress.

Caring for kittens can also include making sure you vaccinate them from fatal diseases common to them. You also need to make sure you take care of flea problems, worms. For you to make them more of a good pet, you also need to consider having them neutered or spayed.

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