Choosing healthy cat food

Choosing healthy cat food

 Choosing the best supplies for your cat is an important part of being a pet owner. New and veteran cat owners alike can always use a few pointers about choosing the best cat supplies. What do you need for your favorite feline?

Cat food

 Choose the best quality kitty chow you can afford. Food quality can affect your cat’s health so offering the best you can afford will ensure a long and happy life for your kitty.

Water and litter supplies

 Every animal needs a constant supply of fresh water to maintain health and happiness. Choose either a plain water dish or a continuous waterer that will stay filled as your cat drinks.

 Once kitty eats and drinks, he will need somewhere to use the bathroom. A roomy litter box and quality litter will keep him clean and fresh.

Flea treatment

  Check with your veterinarian regarding the best options for keeping kitty flea free. During the warmer months of the year, your cat will thank you for helping to keep the fleas at bay, but check with the vet for recommendations is your best option.

Toys and playthings

  Cats love to play; even older cats have moments of playfulness. Offer toys and playthings such as climbers to provide exercise and entertainment. Toy mice, puff balls, feathers, balls and other small toys can offer plenty of entertainment for your kitty. If you have room in your home, a carpeted cat climber can offer kitty some height for watching all the action in your home and a cozy spot for napping.


  It’s true that cats will sleep anywhere and will often disdain a designated bed or area you put out for them. Offer a cozy and comfy bed anyway and your cat may eventually decide to use it. If kitty won’t sleep on the bed, use it to store his or her toys.

Veterinary Care

  Perhaps one of the most important things you can give your cat (other than love) is proper medical care. Take your cat for regular checkups at the vet and keep kitty’s shots current. Spay or neuter your cat when they are old enough and enjoy a long and healthy life with your furry friend.