How to Prepare for an Emergency Evacuation With Your Cat

Emergency Evacuation With Your Cat

 The recent scare of Hurricane Sandy has got us thinking about emergency evacuation and how it affectes our beloved pets. Fortunately, though we are feeling the affects of the storm, we are out of dangers way and will be safe here in our homes. That said, many people have already had to evacuate their homes, and more evacuations are likely to come.

 Others have had to leave their homes in the past, rushing out due to fire, flooding, and other dangers that can’t always be predicted. More will have to do so in the future.

 What most people don’t think of when this situations strike, is how will this affect your pet? Where are they safest and what should you do with them? There are ways to plan ahead so that both you and your cat are looked after in case of emergency.

 1. Keep your cat’s crate or cage in an easily accessible place.

 Even the most well behaved animals can get out of control in stressful situations. Know where your crate or cage is in case of emergency so you can easily get your pet inside it before you leave. It will be safer for them. While you’re dealing with the emergency and keeping track of family members, you’ll know that your cat is safe by your side, and out of harms way.

 2. Create digital copies of all your cat’s documents.

 Scan and store medical records and other important documents online so that you’ll always be able to access them from anywhere. Don’t forget to include prescriptions, important phone numbers like the vet or cat sitter, and special photos.

 3. Think ahead about who would be willing to take you in with your cat.

 Unfortunately, not everyone is a cat or an animal lover. There are people out there who would be willing to take you in case of emergency, but only if you leave your pet at the door. Make sure you know who you can call so that both you and your cat will be welcomed and taken care of.

 4. Keep an emergency kit ready for your cat.

Emergency Evacuation With Your Cat

 Preparing an emergency kit for your cat will alleviate a lot of stress after the evacuation. You will know that your cat has food and other necessities, and you will ease the burden on friends or family who have taken you in. Be sure to include food, treats, medication, toys, a couple bottles of water, and anything else your kitty might need. Keep this kit close to your cat’s crate so that you can grab everything in one shot.

 We all hope that we’ll never have to evacuate our homes, but it’s important to plan for the unexpected. Nobody wants their cat to end up in a stressful or unsafe situation – especially from not planning ahead and not having time to get everything in order.