Cat Health Insurance Basics

Cat Health Insurance Basics

Cat health insurance is a serious consideration. A cat is often a treasured part of the family, and many families now rate pet insurance as highly as do their own health insurance. While routine care can often be included in the family budget, special situations arising from illnesses, injuries or ongoing conditions can rack up expenses that stretch funds to the breaking point. As a cat owner, you want options other than euthanizing your beloved pet when treatment costs exceed your ability to pay.

 Choosing health insurance for your cat

 There are several issues you’ll need to consider when choosing health insurance for your cat. Like health insurance policies for people, pet insurance companies offer many different types of policies with corresponding premiums.

  Some policies cover only situations in which a cat is severely injured in an accident, while others offer coverage for conditions related to his age or specific health issue. Some policies now provide reimbursement for annual well-pet visits.

 The numerous health insurance policies available for your cat 

Cat Health Insurance Basics

 Deciding among the numerous health insurance policies available for your cat means thinking about how far you want to go in treating an illness he or she might develop. Medical tests and treatments traditionally used for people are now often available for cats, but they come with a high price tag.

  An MRI to determine what’s wrong with your cat is just as expensive as it would be if you were undergoing the test. Likewise, radiation therapy to treat cancers in your cat will cost you thousands of dollars that aren’t reimbursed if your cat is uninsured.

 Once you decide whether you prefer to buy insurance that covers unusual conditions or would like a comprehensive policy, you’ll need to shop just as you would for a policy for yourself. There are many more companies selling pet insurance policies today than there were even five years ago.

Do you have health insurance for your cat?

 When comparing coverage offered by different companies, look at the cost of the monthly premiums and the policy deductible as well as what your co-pay will be once you’ve met the deductible. Some insurance policies for cats, just like those for people, mandate that you use a veterinarian in their provider network. There are several similar conditions that you will want to think about as you choose the policy.

By shopping carefully, you can find a cat health insurance policy that will meet all the requirements for your cat’s care. Finding the right policy will give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your cat’s companionship without worrying that you can’t afford medical treatment for him.

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